Why Am I Unable to Progress Through the Course?

If you try to jump ahead you’ll most likely get an error that says something like, “you don’t have access to this module yet please complete the previous module first”.

This is done in order to make sure you go through the modules in the proper order.

That being said at the bottom of every module you need to click the button that says Mark Complete.

Here’s what it looks like…


But I did that and it still isn’t working…

Now if you are thinking I’ve already done that and yet it still doesn’t let me move forward. Here’s what is happening 99.9% of the time.

You’ve marked the 1st part of that module complete but you need to still go through the module topics and mark each one of them complete as well.

Here’s an example of module topics that first need to be completed before one can move on to the next module.


After you’ve gone through each individual topic and marked them complete you should be able to mark the module complete and move on to the next.

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